Why It Matters

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1. Video captures the moments you miss
Though the day is all about you, you can’t be everywhere at once. Videography lets you experience the moments you missed in addition to possible bloopers, tears of joy, and sentiments of your guests.

2. Video adds that extra something
Wedding photography is priceless, but videography is able to capture something that photos cannot – sound. Relive your day through the sights and the sounds: the catch in his throat while exchanging vows, your sister’s toast at the reception, the laughter as you toss the bouquet. Besides, you are the star of your own romantic movie!

3. Video is a keepsake for future generations
Video also serves as the eyes and ears of your future children, capturing the day in footage you all will treasure for years to come. It’s an essential memento to view on your anniversary and a special way to memorialize loved ones long after they’ve passed.

4. Video is not just for documentation
Incorporate Love Story montages into your wedding day; provide a live-streaming webcast for guests that may not be able to travel the distance; utilize same-day edit so you and your guests can enjoy highlights from the ceremony while at the reception; or even wow your guests at the reception with 3-D slideshows. Think beyond the wedding day, too. Use video to create show-stopping engagement announcements, save the dates, and even “Trash the Dress” style productions.

5. Videographers are artists
Professional videographers have the artistic eye and years of experience to capture you at your best. They utilize wireless microphones to ensure great sound quality, multiple cameras to capture every moment, and multi-chip imaging sensors for incredible picture quality. They ensure your wedding emotions, events and memories are captured in a production you will enjoy watching over and over again.