Wedding Vows

A great way to personalize your ceremony is through your vows. Some ambitious couples write their own vows. If you intend to do this, discuss your plans with your officiant so you can include any particular wording that may be necessary. Ask the officiant if he or she has any suggestions or has seen anything from previous ceremonies that you might want to include. If marrying in a church, find out if there are any conditions about personalized vows.

If writing your own vows, determine if you are going to memorize and recite them during the ceremony, read them, or have the officiant prompt you. If you are not currently very comfortable with speaking in front of crowds, think long and hard about reciting your vows – the pressure, the spotlight, and your emotional state might just conspire against you! You will want to be as calm and prepared as possible.

The Ring Exchange

Now that you’re moving from engagement to marriage, what do you do with your engagement ring?

Brides have a few different options:


  • Move the engagement ring to the right hand until the wedding ceremony, then move back to the left hand once the wedding band goes on.
  • Give both the engagement ring and wedding band to the best man, then put on both during the ceremony.
  • Quickly slip the engagement ring of during the ceremony and put it back on after the wedding band goes on the finger.


Sometimes couples have a story associated with the rings they chose. Share this special meaning with your guests for a truly personal touch.