Top Ten Shower Themes

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10. No Women Allowed:

Why do the girls get all the fun? The guys can get together for a pizza party and give stereotypical “guy” things like power tools. Another option is to have an outing, such as golfing or bowling, and give gifts based on these activities.

9. Seasonal/Holiday Shower:

Include gifts to get a couple started on decorations or other items used for special occasions. For example, if you have a summer theme, gifts could include lawn chairs, grilling utensils, tiki torches, citronella candles, a croquet set, a bocce ball set, etc.

8. Organizational Party:

For that Type-A bride that thrives on lists and bins, help her out with organizational items such as calendars, plastic bins, drawer organizers, hanging shoe bags, etc.

7. Around-the-Clock Shower:

Each guest is given a time of day (or hour of the day) to use as the basis for the gift they give. For example 8:00 am may give a toaster or coffeemaker, 6:00pm a frying pan or dishes, 9:00pm movies and popcorn, etc.

6. Room-of-the-House Shower:

The host(s) provide the bride’s decorating style and color information with the invitations, and leave the rest to the guests.

5. Tea Party:

If the bride really enjoys tea, than this is the perfect opportunity to throw a party where all the women may sit around sipping tea and eating crumpets. Gifts could include specialty teas, tea cups, kettles, doilies, or just things off the registry.

4. Lingerie Shower:

This party is appropriate when only women will be present. Gifts could include frilly nighties, boxers and t-shirts, lacy bras and panties, baby doll pajamas, bathrobes, and certificates for beauty treatments.

3. Game Night:

Guests could enjoy board games or even partake in a mock a newlywed game. Gifts include different board games to start or add to the couple’s collection.

2. Travel Shower:

If the couple likes to travel, gifts can include travel guides, travel-sized toiletries, luggage, camera film, etc.

1. Wine & Cheese Tasting Shower:

Attendees are asked to bring two bottles of wine, one for tasting and one as a gift for the bridal couple. Toasts to the bridal couple are given by the guests as they sample the wine. The wine & cheese shower is most appropriate for couples who already have many items for their home and of course, enjoy wine.