Save Time

You are already planning a wedding! Let your honeymoon – and its planning – be a vacation. Travel agents are a one-stop shop and minimize stress by taking care of every detail for you.

Save Money

Travel agents have access to special rates and discounts you won’t find online. Some agents do not charge service fees and those that do often pay for themselves in the savings they find you.

Special Treatment

Not only do travel agents have personal connections with travel professionals around the world (airlines, hotel GMs, restaurants, tours, etc.), they have the clout to make things happen. This can mean free upgrades, hard-to-get reservations, private tours, and other perks.

Insider Knowledge

It’s really hard to accurately get a feel for something solely based on Internet reviews. Travel agents have the inside scoop on a location and whether it is something you will like and can offer advice on the quality and value of a particular product.

Integrated Research

Even if you know quite a bit about your area of interest, travel agents are able to use your knowledge and their knowledge to find something that’s a great fit for your particular requirements.


Honeymoon suite not quite up to snuff? Flight cancelled? It helps to have an ally troubleshooting on your behalf so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride. Your agent will go to bat for you.


Once your travel agent gets to know you well it is like having a trusted friend plan your vacation. Your agent is able to personalize your trip to include things he or she knows you will enjoy.


A travel agent works for you, not for the travel service providers they have access to. Repeat customers and referrals are crucial to the service industry. Therefore, travel agents have a vested interest in offering you outstanding service with integrity.

Contact an agent one year in advance to plan a destination wedding and six to nine months in advance to plan your honeymoon.