The Options

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Choosing music and musicians for your special day is a way to make tribute to the soundtrack of your life while choosing the songs that will remind you of your wedding for years to come.

Keep the dance floor moving with talented professionals that emcee while they keep the tunes flowing.

From brass quintets at the ceremony to big bands at the reception, choose from a number of options to keep the mood light and energetic.

Solo performers such as singers, harpists, pianists, and saxophonists provide the perfect accompaniment to the ceremony.

Duos, trios, and quartets provide elegant music for both the ceremony and reception.

The Ceremony
Start planning the music for the ceremony first by meeting with the officiant to discuss any restrictions, the order of the ceremony, and how music should be incorporated. Usually, couples choose music for the following parts of the service, but are not limited to the following:

Music played during the seating of guests that usually lasts for ten to fifteen minutes.

Seating of the Parents
This usually consists of one song and is sometimes a vocal solo with special meaning for the bride and groom.

A song, usually instrumental, played while the bridesmaids and bride proceed down the aisle.

Song for the Bride & Groom
This is usually a vocal song of special significance to the bride and groom, and is most often sung immediately after the vows are made.

The music played after the ceremony while the bridal party exits.

Music played as guests are dismissed.