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Save-the-date cards are a great way to give your guests plenty of time to make the proper arrangements to attend your wedding, especially if you are getting married on a holiday weekend, in the summer, are planning a destination wedding, or are expecting guests from out-of-town.

Save-the-dates come in various styles. They tend to be more casual and fun than the invitations, although they may carry the same theme. One local stationer says Save-the-Date cards can be pretty creative. She has seen elaborate two-sided, tri-fold, and even a three-page card for a destination wedding, but they can be as simple as a postcard, perhaps with a photo of the couple on the front side and the pertinent wedding information on the back.

Couples tend to have more elaborate save-the-Date cards for destination weddings because they contain a lot of information such as the entire wedding weekend agenda. Save-the-date cards should be sent out six to twelve months before the wedding and, if possible, include all the relevant dates, times, locations and any other helpful information about the area and places to stay.

Don’t hesitate to take your creativity to new heights with your save-the-dates. Video save-the-dates are a great way to let your ingenuity run wild.