Reception Traditions

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First Toast:

The best man proposes the first toast after the wedding party has been served. This is usually followed by toasts from other relatives, friends, or the bride and groom.

Cake Cutting:

The bride and groom cut the cake hand-over-hand and feed each other a small piece.

First Dance:

The newlyweds dance the first dance as guests look on. Whether you opt for sweet and romantic or a lively showstopper, a little preparation is in order. Schedule professional dance lessons well in advance of your wedding. Learning to dance together will help you understand each other more intimately than ever before.

Customary Dances:

Following the first dance, the bride dances with her father, the groom’s father and best man. The groom dances with the bride’s mother, his mother and maid of honor. Other guests join the wedding party on the floor after these dances.

Bouquet Toss:

The bride tosses a small bouquet over her shoulder to a waiting group of single women. According to tradition, the woman who catches the bouquet will be the next bride.

Garter Toss:

The groom removes the bride’s garter from her leg and throws it to a waiting group of bachelors. According to tradition, the lucky recipient will be the next groom.