Invitation Etiquette

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• Spell out names and titles, except for Mr., Mrs., Ms., and Jr.

• Write out all dates and times in the invitation. The numbers in addresses need not be spelled out, although streets should be. Include the state if the city is not well known.

• Never under any circumstances, include information regarding your gift registry or desire for monetary gifts on the invitation. Pass along registry information by word of mouth. The only place written registry information is considered acceptable is on Bridal Shower invitations. Recently, it has become acceptable to declare “no gifts” on wedding invitations or indicate that a donation can be made to a specified charity in lieu of a gift.

• Do not seal the inner envelope. Address it simply to “Mr. and Mrs. Jones.” Do not use first names, except in the case of children. Even then, they should be listed on a second line underneath their parents’ names.

• Envelopes should be addressed in black ink. They should be handwritten – never type them or use mailing labels. Do not abbreviate names or addresses. Include the return address centered on the back, near the top.

• Mail invitations six to eight weeks before the wedding.

• Mail announcements on the day of the wedding (or soon after).