Choose a hairstyle that will endure the long wedding day with all its photographs, hugs and dances. Don’t do something dramatically different with your hairstyle that will make you feel tense or unsure of yourself. Try out a new look in advance in order to make the change successfully.

Contact your salon professional four to six months before the wedding day for a personal consultation. Book the first styling for two to six weeks before the wedding. The final styling is done on the morning of the ceremony. Bring along the chosen headpiece to help determine placement and hairstyle.

Not only should you think about the kind of wedding day hairstyle you want, but also about the bothersome hair you do not want. Whether wearing a strapless dress on your wedding day or a bikini on your honeymoon, laser hair removal is an affordable, safe and effective way to remove unwanted hair from any area on your body. To achieve close to permanent results you will need at least six treatments and, depending on the treatment, you will want to schedule your initial appointment between three and six months before your wedding day. If you do not have that much time before your wedding, don’t panic! After the very first treatment you will see dramatic results that last three to four weeks.

Make Up

Remember the importance of make up on the wedding day: the bride is the center of attention, the day is long, and countless photographs are taken. Make-up helps the bride maintain her radiant good looks through it all. Seek professional help especially if you are inexperienced with make-up application. They can help you achieve a natural, but glamorous appearance that will look great in person and in your photographs.

Choose long-lasting and waterproof make up that will endure tears, heat and perspiration. Test make up at least four weeks before the wedding to check for allergies and compatibility. Do a practice styling with headpiece and make-up application for the newspaper announcement photograph as a practical trial run.


“Nail care is one area some brides overlook, but they forget about all the handshakes, people looking at the ring and the popular photographs featuring hands,” a local manicurist explains. So don’t neglect your nails!

Choose nail color ahead of time. A fabric swatch for matching nail color is helpful. French manicures keep hands looking soft and natural and can be a good compliment to any gown. And don’t forget your toes! A pedicure improves a bride’s self-image, especially when wearing open-toed shoes!

After getting your manicure, try to avoid dishwashing, gardening, and other chores that take a toll on your hands or use gloves if you have to do certain things. This will help keep your nails in top shape for your wedding day. Keep a good hand moisturizer nearby as well so your hands stay soft and touchable after washing