To acknowledge the time, energy and love that your friends and family have put into helping you plan your wedding, it’s thoughtful to give a little memento of appreciation. Here are a few mix-and-match ideas to help you find something meaningful:



  • wine club membership
  • B&B gift certificate
  • certificate to a favorite restaurant
  • photo album of the wedding
  • framed print of a wedding photo
  • specialty mustard collection
  • collection of gourmet spices




  • personalized jewelry
  • spa gift certificate
  • specialty soaps
  • personalized stationery
  • clutch
  • themed gift basket
  • photo book chronicling your friendship
  • apron
  • make-up kit
  • monogrammed beach bags
  • bottle of perfume




  • cuff links
  • monogrammed flasks
  • monogrammed wallet
  • bottle of whisky
  • cigar humidor
  • a round of golf
  • microbrew of the month club
  • ipod/nano
  • wristwatch
  • tickets to a sports game
  • travel bag


Bridal Shower Hosts


  • flower arrangement
  • potted plant
  • box of chocolates
  • jewelry
  • monogrammed handkerchief
  • specialty soaps
  • monogrammed stationery set
  • box of cupcakes or cookies
  • bottle of wine