Gift Registry Options

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The Options


Besides helping your local economy, local stores often carry specialty products not found in national chains.


Out-of-town guests really appreciate the convenience of shopping at a store that is close to them. For added convenience, consider stores in a variety of price points.


Couples that already have kitchen and home goods can opt for less traditional registries such as a furniture registry, airline registry, or even a honeymoon registry set up through a travel agent.


When you have everything you need, share some of your joyous celebration by asking guests to donate to a charity of your choice in lieu of bringing a gift.

Gift Registry Pointers

1. Register Shortly Before Your First Shower
You want to give guests plenty of time to purchase gifts, but do not want to register so early that there is a merchandise changeover before the wedding.

2. Both Bride and Groom Should Register
You will both have to live with your choices!

3. Register For More Than You Think You Should
The more items you register, the less of a chance you will receive duplicates. Besides, guests appreciate more options.

4. Register at Two or More Places
One store may not have everything you need and you may want to register at both local and national stores for your guests’ convenience.

5. Schedule A Time To Register
Call the store’s registry department to find the best time to go in. Avoid weekend afternoons and sale days.

6. Consider Alternative Registries
In addition to registering for things you will need for your home, consider honeymoon registries, airline registries and even furniture registries.

7. Register Charitably
When you have everything you need, consider asking guests to donate to a charity of your choice in lieu of a gift.