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Wedding favors are a fun way to thank your guests for celebrating with you. These gifts can often be found in baskets by your reception entrance or at the place settings during sit-down events. You can be as creative as you want with your wedding favors. Some couples give out individual chocolates with their engagement photo on the wrapping. Others opt for boxed candies, flowers, plants, nuts or mints, votive candles, or personally made CDs with favorite romantic songs. Some even give their guests fish, fortune cookies, or personalized coffee. Find favors and supplies at many different businesses, from those that specialize in creating unique favors to craft stores or shops that specialize in personalized items.

Favor Ideas
Wedding favors should fit the style of your wedding. To find unique and creative ideas, look no further! We’ve compiled a list of favor ideas that you can build from and personalize.

Fish (from the centerpiece)
Personalized chocolates
Personalized candies
Personalized bottles of wine
Created CDs with some of your favorite songs as a couple
Flower seeds
Potted plants
Votive candles
Scented candles
Cake-shaped candles
Cookie cutters
Mini Photo Albums
Disposable Cameras
Potpourri Satchets
Mini sewing kits
Picture frames
Recipe Card Holders
Cheese graters
Mini manicure sets
Personalized coffee
Bottle stopper/corscrew sets
Letter openers
Personalized mint tins
Personalized shot glasses
Scented bath salts
Personalized jars of honey
Measuring spoons
Measuring Cups
Paper weights
Fortune cookies
Tea Bags
Personalized pens
Personalized cocktail mixes
Personalized spiral notepads
Coffee scoops
Bottle holders
Salt and pepper shakers
Personalized magnets
Monogrammed petit fours
Personalized rose petals
Monogrammed hand fans
Miniature topiaries
Personalized Lip Butter
Luggage tags
Mint Julep Cups
Sandalwood fans
Paper fans
Hand painted parasols
Napkin rings
Decks of playing cards
Candle Snuffs
Personalized conversation hearts