Diet & Exercise

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Almost every bride wants to lose some weight or tone a particular area for her wedding day. Before you undertake that crash diet, however, heed the professionals’ warnings. Not only can crash diets interfere with dress fittings, they can also result in fatigue, dizziness and nausea on the day of the wedding.

Accomplish controlled weight loss through the combination of a calorie reduction diet and exercise. The best place to start is with a physician. Once you have talked to your doctor you can begin to consider the countless choices available. Many weight loss programs provide sensible menu plans along with exercise, encouragement, information and counseling. Nutritionists and health club exercise professionals are also helpful.

Get-in-Shape Myth:

Myth: If I restrict my food intake several months before the wedding, I’ll fit into my dress and look great!

Fact: You may lose a few pounds initially, but a crash diet is far more detrimental than helpful. By eating too little your body will break down muscle and slow down its metabolism, which makes weight control more difficult and decreases your energy at a time when you need it the most!