Destination Weddings

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Travel agents confirm an increase in the number of couples that want to plan destination weddings. One travel agent has found that many couples lead very busy lives and do not have the time or energy to plan the extravagant wedding they want. Instead, they are turning to their local travel agents for wedding help.

Resorts usually have complete wedding packages, but are sometimes restrictive on who can come. For example, if you want to invite children to your wedding, you will have to make arrangements at someplace other than a “couples only” resort. One agent advises that you compile a list of people you think could come. Your agent can then find a resort to accommodate you.

Travel agents are essential when planning destination weddings. They can arrange the wedding date, time, and transportation details. They will also coordinate the trip for all your guests by getting passports, visas, and other paperwork in order. Your travel agent can help make your wedding an event you will never forget!

If you choose to have a destination wedding, keep in mind all the friends and family that may not be able to travel so far to celebrate your wedding. Consider hosting a reception at home when you return so everyone can share your joy.