Cost Breakdown

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Consult Time

Included in the booking fee is the time your florist spends consulting, brainstorming, creating an estimate and an order workup.

Sourcing Products and Flowers

Also included is the time spent finding flowers and products and then placing orders. Growers and wholesalers that take better care of and provide better products will increase the costliness of the final product.


The flowers you choose greatly affect the price. Exotic, out-of-season flowers will cost more than readily available and easy-to-grow blooms.

Mother Nature

Droughts, natural disasters and other weather anomalies affect the bottom line.

Prepping Products

Before your arrangements can be beautifully displayed, the florist must clean containers, remove stickers, and prepare for design.

Prepping Flowers

The stems must be cleaned, flowers hydrated and examined for quality.

Actual Design Time

The time it takes to plan a design and to create the arrangements.

Delivery & Setup/Tear-Down

This is often included if within a certain distance, but may involve an extra fee.