Cost Breakdown

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Silver is less expensive than the more popular white or yellow gold. Platinum, in turn, is more costly than either silver or gold.

The size, quality, and quantity of gems you may want will influence the overall value. Judge quality based on the cut, color, clarity, and carats.

When looking at metals like gold and platinum, heavier karats such as 18 and 24 are more expensive than the lighter 14-karats. The same holds true for gems. All else being equal, the higher the carat, the greater the value, however, cut, color and clarity factor more into a stone’s value.

Intricate and detailed designs will usually cost more than basic designs. The designer’s level of skill will also impact the price.

Custom designed rings typically cost more than ready-to-wear bands because they are one-ofa-kind creations and not mass-produced. In addition, custom rings involve more professionals in the process, such as the designer that creates a ring based on your direction and the artisan that designs a handcrafted prototype and the ring itself.

Special Touches
Add-ons like textured finishes and engravings will increase the base price.