Cost Breakdown

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Invitations with numerous layers, added embellishments, or complex designs are most expensive. Pocket style invitations vary greatly in price based upon the style (back-pocket is typically less expensive than tri-fold or side-pocket).


Paper prices vary depending on cardstock weight and quality (thicker and textured are more expensive). Specialty papers such as linen, cotton, bamboo, and rice papers add to the cost as well as shiny metallic papers.

Printing technique

Techniques range from the least expensive digital or offset printing to the more expensive, higher quality engraved invitations.


Costs vary depending on whether your stationer assembles your invitations or if you choose to do them yourself. The difficulty of assembly also affects the price (e.g., tying ribbons, making cuts, gluing rhinestones, or adding belly bands).

Guest list size

A limited guest list translates to less money spent on invitations. However, for larger guest lists, the price per invitation may decrease.


In addition to the invitation suite, other add-ons such as reception cards and maps add to the overall cost.


Depending on size, weight, and rigidity, wedding invitations often require additional postage.