Cost Breakdown

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Vehicle Type

SUVs will be more expensive than a sedan. Often, the larger the vehicle, the greater the price.

Number of passengers

The more passengers you have, the larger the vehicle you need, which often means a higher price.

Hours of Use

Many services specify a minimum number of hours the vehicle must be hired. Make sure to budget extra time or there may be overage fees.


Though fuel is generally included in the hourly rate, there may be a fuel surcharge for greater distances.

Time of Year

Prices are higher during peak times of the year such as wedding season, prom or homecoming season, and graduation.

Day of the Week

Limos are generally in higher demand on the weekend, so are priced accordingly.


Bonus features such as TV’s, mini-bars, bottles of champagne, etc. will impact the cost.


Gratuity is typically in addition to the agreed upon fee. 15-20% is the standard amount.