Cost Breakdown

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Limited Bookings

Many photographers limit themselves to only 15-20 weddings per year so they can give each one the proper time and attention it needs.


Though you might only see your photographer on your wedding day, many hours of work go into perfecting your photos. It is not unusual for a quality photographer to spend upwards of 30-40 hours on a wedding. Consultations, engagement sessions, preparation, editing, image download and backup, retouching, album design, the actual wedding day photography, and more contribute to the overall cost.


It is not unusual for an established photographer to have $20,000 – $30,000 worth of photographic equipment with them at your wedding: multiple cameras, a variety of lenses, portable lighting equipment, and backups in case something should break or malfunction. Not to mention, changing technology and increased wear and tear leads to costly repairs and frequent replacements.

Length of Coverage

Whether you want a standard package or every add-on imaginable, the number of hours you want your photographer on site affects the cost. Make sure to pay for as much coverage as you can afford because undoubtedly you will want your photographer to capture every moment and overtime fees can be costly.

Number of Photographers

There is a price that comes with the ability to be in more than one place at one time. But it is worth it for the increased assurance that no important shot will be missed and the added creativity that comes from having two different artistic perspectives.


Truth be told, the products they provide – beautifully captured memories of the most important day in your life – are priceless. Albums, books, wall portraits and prints are artistically crafted keep sakes to remind you of every priceless moment.