Choose attendants you are close to and can trust to handle important details before, during, and after the ceremony.

Attendants should be people you trust to support not only you and your fiancé, but also your marriage.
An invitation to be an attendant is permanent—except in extreme circumstances – so avoid friends and family that are unreliable and irresponsible and that you might later wish you could “unask.”
Do not feel like you need to invite someone to be an attendant simply because you were an attendant in his or her wedding.
Remember that you do not need to invite every friend you have ever had to be an attendant. There are other positions to fill: personal attendant, vocalist, reader, manning the guest book or gift table, etc.
Inform attendants of the expected financial commitment before they commit.
Typically the bride and groom have between two and six attendants each. A good rule of thumb is one bridesmaid and groomsman for every 50 guests.

Attendant Duties
The role of an attendant is a great honor, lots of fun, and also a large responsibility. Therefore, the bride and groom should choose persons they are close to and trust to handle the important details involved with their event.