Initial Consultation

What to Bring/Know:


  • Tentative timeline of your day
  • General idea of budget
  • Style of videography you like
  • How interactive you want your videographer to be (e.g., actively interviewing people or unobtrusively documenting)
  • End products you are interested in (raw footage, specialty videos, etc.)
  • Any family dynamics the videographer should be aware of (e.g., divorced parents)


What to Ask:

Who will be my videographer?
Larger studios have multiple staff members. Make sure the person you meet and work with is the one who will be filming your special day.

Can I see a wedding video in its entirety?
Ask to see a complete wedding in a setting similar to yours. Look at examples of the types of products you are interested in. Check videos for clarity, steadiness, and attention to detail. Listen carefully to the quality of various sounds, from soft-spoken vows to the beat of dance music. Watch for transition from scene to scene and the use of special effects (if desired).

What formats do you offer?
Check to see if they shoot in high-definition and offer Blu-Ray discs if you desire.

When will I receive the finished product?
Editing video takes a substantial amount of time. Figure out your videographer’s turnaround time, which is typically within a month or two.

Have you worked with my photographer before?
Though not a must, it is helpful if the two have worked together and are comfortable working within the same space.

Do you have other weddings on my date?
Ideally your videographer will only book one wedding per day, but if there are two, make sure you are comfortable with the amount of time in between.

What kind of payment options do you have?
Find out how much the initial deposit is and when the final balance is due.

What kind of safeguards do you have in place in case there is an equipment malfunction or you are unable to make it to the wedding?
Emergencies happen. Find out if they offer refunds or fee adjustments or if they have a back-up plan in place.

How many weddings have you filmed?
Make sure you can see examples of their previous work in addition to talking to references.

Expert Advice

When choosing a videography package, do not simply consider what you and your future spouse may want to view again in the future; think about future generations and what you want them to be able to see of your wedding day. Videography lets you experience both the sights and the sounds of your day and the moments you missed and will remember for the rest of your lives.