Initial Consultation

What to Bring/Know:


  • Your vision for the reception
  • Number of guests
  • Tentative wedding date
  • Ideas and pictures
  • Decision makers that need to be included in tour


What to Ask:

What is the facility’s capacity?
It should comfortably accommodate the number of guests you expect to attend.

Is there a room available for the bride to use?
You may want to freshen up or change clothes just before the reception or before you make your getaway.

Will you schedule more than one wedding for our date?
If so, you want to ensure they will give your wedding the proper care and attention it deserves.

Can we see a picture of the facility set up for a wedding?
It is even better if you can you stop by a wedding in progress to preview the facility in action.

Are there restrictions on what we can do to decorate?
Sometimes facilities have restrictions on the use of candles and other decorations.

How early can we get in to set up?
You will want to pass this information on to your rental company, so they know when they can deliver your items.

Are you planning on any remodels or renovations before our wedding?
You don’t want to plan for one color scheme and find the carpet and walls are completely different than you expected.

How many hours are included in the rental agreement?
Sometimes there are a set number of hours and facilities will charge for each additional hour. Make sure to find out what the fee is if you decide you want to stay later than you originally planned.

Does the facility provide catering, have a list of approved caterers or allow outside catering?
Also make sure to find out if you can make any special menu requests.

What is the rental fee?
Find out what is included, how much the deposit is, and when the balance is due.

Do you charge for extra services?
Find out if the chairs, tables, linens and glassware are included. Often there is an extra charge for cake cutting and alcohol service.

What is the wait staff uniform?
Undoubtedly they have professional attire, but if you have a themed wedding, make sure to ask if they will accommodate any special wardrobe requests.

Where should the band, DJ, photobooth, and/ or flipbook entertainment set up?
Make sure the space can properly accommodate your entertainment for the night and that they have access to the proper electricity. Also verify that the dance floor is large enough to accommodate your number of guests.

Is there a wedding coordinator on staff that will be there the entire time?
Make sure you meet the person who will be on site that day.

How is accessibility?
Check out the parking situation to make sure they have enough for your event and that it is conveniently available. Also make sure the facility is handicap accessible for guests that may be less mobile.

Expert Advice

Walk through the venue and try to envision your wedding. Will your décor theme work with the site? How are the bathrooms? Is there enough lighting for your photographer? Also, each wedding is different. Do not be afraid to ask your facility coordinator if they can personalize a package to fit your needs.