Initial Consultation

What to Bring/Know:


  • Tentative timeline of your day
  • General idea of budget
  • Style of photography you like
  • How interactive you want your photographer to be (e.g., actively posing people or unobtrusively documenting)
  • End products you are interested (album, portraits, book, digital files, etc.)


What to Ask:

Who will be my photographer?
Larger studios have multiple staff members. Make sure the person you meet and work with is the one who will be photographing your special day.

Can I see a wedding in its entirety?
Ask to see a complete wedding in a setting similar to yours. Anyone can pick up a camera and get a few great shots, but it takes a real professional to consistently get stunning photos. Seeing an entire wedding will give you a much better idea of what to expect rather then just looking at a photographers ‘highlight reel’.

Can we look at your sample albums, guest books, online galleries, etc?
Look at the entire range of their work, especially for the products you plan on purchasing. Make sure the finalized product matches your style and that the images are sharp, well framed, and well lit.

What will a typical wedding day with you look like?
Have them walk you through a day. Find out how they interact with you during the creative photography parts of the day and during the ceremony and reception parts of the day.

When do I get the digital files?
Figure out how long their turnaround typically is, what recourse is available if you do not receive photos within the specified time frame, and whether you will see the photos before or after they have been touched up.

Will I have rights to the digital files?
When you hire a photographer, you pay for the creation of the photography, not always the copyrights. If you are artistically inclined and want to create your own projects, find a photographer that will give you the rights. However, for most people, the kind of products they want created from their prints are so specialized that the majority return to their photographer anyway.

What is the process for album design?
Find out about your options, the turnaround time, the best way to choose photos, and all fees involved.

Do you have errors and omissions insurance as well as comprehensive liability insurance?
Insurance cannot fully make up for a camera’s damaged memory card, a scheduling snafu, or other unfortunate tragedy, however, it can pay to completely restage an event so you can still get great photos.

What happens if you cannot make it the day of the wedding? Has that ever happened?
Emergencies happen. Make sure your photographer has a back-up plan (such as a professional associate that can cover for them) should the need arise.

Do you edit your photos for color, contrast and exposure?
Find out if your photographer will just give you the raw files, will edit all the photos you receive, or just a portion of them. Also ask about what types of corrections they make to ensure your photos are absolutely stunning.

How many weddings have you photographed?
Talented new photographers join the industry every day, but when it comes to your wedding, you will want some one with enough of a history to be able to see prior work and talk to previous clients.