Choosing a Florist

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Flowers bring personality to your wedding. The colors, scents, & styles all work together to create a statement that is uniquely you.

The Initial Consultation

What to Bring/Know

  • Picture of your wedding gown
  • Picture of bridesmaid gowns
  • Idea of your color combo, fabric swatches
  • Idea of the theme or “feel” you want
  • Photos of arrangements that have caught your eye
  • Your save the date, photo of invitation if already chosen
  • Quantity of corsages and boutonnieres you need (and whether moms and grandmas want wrist or pin-on corsages)
  • Quantity of reception tables
  • Photos of the ceremony site (including pews and the altar) and reception site
  • Which baker you will hire (so you can coordinate flower placement on cake, if desired)

What to Ask

Comparing estimates between florists is like comparing apples to oranges. There are so many things that affect whether your flowers will last through the day and the bottom line price, so be sure to ask:

Where do the flowers come from?
The grower really affects the final product. Some growers have a trained eye and harvest only the best flowers at the perfect time. Others mass-produce their product, focusing on quantity over quality.

How do they come packed?
Wholesalers also affect price and quality. Some take better care of the flowers than others, delivering the flowers in water instead of without.

How do you process your flowers?
Florists spend hours prepping before design (de-thorn, strip foliage, use special products, preserve in a cooler, carefully handle so no bruising occurs).

How do you ensure the flowers will last as long as possible?
Some florists take extra steps – such as camouflaging bouquet holders – to boost longevity.

What kind of impact has Mother Nature had this year?
Mother nature has the biggest impact on price in particular – especially for flowers coming from out of state or country. A particular flower that may be attainable one year may not the next depending on weather patterns and natural disasters.

What are appropriate substitutions if a flower becomes unavailable?
Florists are incredible at achieving the look you want with any number of flowers, but talk about the look, price, and size now so you won’t be surprised.

How many weddings do you do each weekend?
Is there a limited number so you know your wedding will receive the care it needs?

When will the flowers arrive?
To prevent wilting, you will want flower delivered as close to start time as possible.

Who is responsible for setup and teardown?
Sometimes this is included, other times there is an extra fee. Make sure you know who is doing what.


When deciding on flowers, develop a portfolio of visuals from websites and magazines. Find a pattern in the photos you picked and write down what drew your attention. It will help clarify the vision you want to create.