The Initial Consultation
What to Bring/Know
The style of your wedding: Formal or informal? Traditional or nontraditional?
The mood you want the music to create
An idea of your budget for both ceremony and reception music
Special songs you want played
Length of time you want music played
Tentative start and stop times
Whether you want vocalists, instrumental music, DJ, or a combination
Whether you prefer live music for your ceremony or don’t mind if a vocalist uses music recordings as a background
Whether your ceremony/reception location has its own sound system
Whether you want dancing music, background music, or both

What to Ask
Where can I hear you perform?
Do you have CDs or other recordings I can listen to?
Do you have references that I can check?
Do you belong to any associations?
Do you have liability insurance?
How many years of experience do you have?
What is your set list?
Can we make special requests? How many?
Will you provide a sound system?
What kind of backup equipment/instruments do you have?
Do you have any events before or after ours?
What do you plan on wearing?
What is your cancellation policy?
If buying a package, are we paying for hours of entertainment we do not need?
Can I meet the professional that will be performing at my wedding?
Are you keeping up with changes in the industry?
What kind of overtime fees do you charge in case we want to run late?
How many breaks do you require? Do you have recordings to play during breaks?
Will you test equipment and acoustics at the venue yourself?

Tips for Smooth Entertainment
Get everything in writing ahead of time: cost, time of set-up and tear down, and amount of performance time.
Meet the DJ/entertainers/musicians who will actually be at the venue. Discuss ahead of time expectations and any special requests you want played or not played.
Make sure the style of the entertainment fits with the desired style of the celebration. Consider guests’ preferences in music too.