Initial Consultation

What to Ask:

What is the facility’s capacity?
It should comfortably accommodate the number of guests you expect to attend.

Is there a room available for the bride to use?
If you want to get ready at the facility instead of the salon or at home, make sure there is a sizeable, well lit place to do so.

Will you schedule more than one wedding for our date?
If so, you want to ensure they will give your wedding the proper care and attention it deserves.

Can we see a picture of the facility set up for a wedding?
It is even better if you can you stop by a wedding in progress to preview the facility in action.

Are there restrictions on what we can do to decorate?
Sometimes facilities have restrictions on the use of candles and other decorations. Most commonly there are restrictions on what can be used for the send-off (e.g., rice).

Are you planning on any remodels or renovations before our wedding?
You don’t want to plan for one color scheme and find the carpet and walls are completely different than you expected.

What is the rental fee?
Find out what is included, how much the deposit is, and when the balance is due.

How many hours are included in the rental agreement?
Sometimes there are a set number of hours and facilities will charge for each additional hour.

Where should the musicians set up?
Make sure the space properly accommodates your musicians and that they have access to electricity. Also verify that the dance floor is large enough to accommodate your number of guests.

Is there a wedding coordinator on staff that will be there the entire time?
You will want the person you have been dealing with to be there the whole time to make things run smoothly.

Who is in control of the sound system?
Find out if your facility has someone to man the sound booth or if you need to provide your own professional.

How is accessibility?
Check out the parking situation to make sure they have enough for your size event and that it is conveniently available. Also make sure the facility is handicap accessible if necessary.

Additional Questions for Outdoor Facilities

Does the site have any restrictions?
Each local park has its particular rules and regulations. Make sure to find out well in advance which ones apply to your event.

Is there restroom accessibility?
Even if there is accessibility, the restrooms may not be suitable for your affair. Portable restrooms now come equipped with the latest amenities. Units are clean and can come with flushing toilets, sinks, mirrors and lights, providing all the conveniences of an indoor facility outdoors.

Is there an alternate option in case of inclement weather?
If there are extreme weather conditions you will need to have a back up plan.

Will we have to deal with a large insect population?
Depending on the time of year, you may have to spray or find a way to combat pesky creatures.

Do we need power?
If you’re setting up lighting, a sound system, or have live music, you may need to set up a generator in order to have access to electricity.

What rentals will I need?
Does the facility provide necessities such as chairs, sound system, awnings, tents, restrooms, etc., or will you need to rent your own?

What will the site look like when we get married?
The appearance of outdoor sites can change dramatically with the season. Find out what will be blooming, how they manicure the property, and if they have pictures to give you a better idea of what to expect.