Ceremony Decorations

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Decorating is one of the areas where you can hire a professional or choose to do-it-yourself. If you want to handle every detail yourself, keep in mind that many decorations can only be done the day of the wedding. This added stress might not be worth the small savings in your decorating budget. If you do decide to take care of the decorations yourself, it is still helpful to turn to the professionals for advice. Most professional d├ęcor providers are happy to sell you supplies, rent out equipment, and even teach you a few tricks of the trade. Once you make your plans, get approval from your contacts at the ceremony and reception sites.

Your ceremony site entrance is the first your guests will see of your wedding. You can use floral wreaths or planters to elegantly grace the doorways. Use floral arrangements, balloons, tulle, and candles or other soft lights to set the atmosphere while guests line up to sign the guest book.

Decorate the altar with flower arrangements or use pedestals to frame the area with flowers and other decorations. One local florist recommends using two floral arrangements on either side of the altar as a cost saving measure. These arrangements can later be used to decorate the reception site.

You will want to especially focus on decorating the aisle. Your goal is to make the aisle as magical as possible. Our professional florist points out that the first time the bride and groom catch sight of each other is oftentimes the walk down the aisle. If you are the bride, this is when all your guests stand up and look only at you; it should be an ethereal atmosphere. You can line the aisle with the heads of blossoms, candles or bows and give the flower girl petals to drop on her walk down the aisle. Tulle, flowers and custom bows make a tasteful way of denoting reserved seating at the ceremony.

When choosing floral decorations for outdoor ceremonies, choose flowers that will be hardy in the conditions (temperature, wind, etc.).