Cake Cutting Tips

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1. Make sure the person cutting the cake is familiar with the directions to do so. Ask the baker for instructions for cutting the particular shape and style of cake you chose.

2. Use a sharp, thin knife. Insert the knife straight down into the cake, and then pull it at an angle toward the outer edge. Before each cut, wipe the knife clean with a damp cloth.

3. If cutting a stacked cake of any shape, remove all layers down to the bottom before cutting. Begin by cutting the large bottom layer first, continuing from largest to smallest. Some couples retain the top layer to freeze and save for their first anniversary.

ROUND SHAPE: For round tiers, move in two inches from the tier’s outer edge, cut a circle and then slice 1-inch pieces within that circle. Repeat cutting a circle in two inches from the new edge, then slice 1-inch pieces within that circle. Continue until the tier is completely cut, the center piece can be cut in half. Then repeat entire process for next largest layer.

OVAL, HEXAGON, PETAL SHAPE: Follow directions for round. Where the shape references a “circle,” insert the name of the shape of the cake being cut.

SQUARE SHAPE: For square tiers, move in two inches from the outer edge and cut straight across. Then slice in 1-inch pieces. Repeat by moving in another two inches from the new outer edge and slice again, repeating until the entire tier is cut.

4. Cut a maximum of four or five pieces at a time before moving each to its plate so pieces do not fall.

5. To preserve cake for the first anniversary, place in an airtight container, keep frozen until ready to eat. Defrost in unopened container in the refrigerator and enjoy.