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Your bouquet can be as much of a focal point as your wedding gown. Be daring! Our florist says, “Most people use monochromatic colors when matching flowers to dresses, but the opposite color on the color wheel better complements the dress. Then, use floral accents that match the dress color to really make the bouquet burst with color.”

One professional also recommends, “Make sure to ask what is new and trendy.” What is trendy right now? Bright colors! French country, shabby chic and rustic vintage are currently very popular in determining bouquet styles.

While hand-tied bouquets are still in high demand, brides request a combination of styles. Dripping hand-tied bouquets, called pseudo-cascades, use elements from both styles to create beautiful bouquets that just spill over your hands. Don’t be afraid to use berries, feathers, crystals, wire and leaves as accents. Our local florist also suggests mixing modern and traditional flowers, such as orchids with peonies, roses with anthurium, or even ginger with tulips. It may be counterintuitive, but the end product is striking.

Personalize your bouquet and use it to tell your story. Use grandma’s antique wedding dress lace or beading to wrap the stem. Pin an heirloom brooch or weave a strand of pearls or a locket into the midst to satisfy your “something old” or “something borrowed.” To make it even more personal, hide something special in the bouquet for your eyes only.